School Makeover Case Study

School Makeover Case Study

School Makeover Case Study: Frazier International Magnet School When we deliver a School Makeover™ program our first priority is to find a great school to partner with on the project. This School Makeover Case Study is an example of a “great school;” a school that exceeds expectations in a demanding educational environment, or one which…

Team building breaks business silos

Team Building Breaks Business Silos

by Wayne Bennett, CEO of TeamWorx Team Building Team Building Breaks Business Silos If you’re reading these words then you probably have silos in your business and you want to get rid of them; the title team building breaks business silos is good news. You probably want to have different departments and work groups interacting better. Improved…

team building

Team Building Value Defined

by Wayne Bennett, CEO of TeamWorx Team Building

Definition of Team Building and Value

Not everything a group does together outside of work is team building. I often hear people refer to activities like going bowling, playing games at Dave and Buster’s, driving race cars, or drinking together as team building. Although these and other offsite activities can have positive benefits, including getting to know people better outside the office, they lack a crucial element that makes team building different.


Consensus is Like the Middle Seat on an Airplane

by Wayne Bennett, CEO of TeamWorx Team Building

Consensus Means Agreement not the Best Answer

One of the biggest myths and most controversial topics I try to debunk in my team training classes is that consensus is a good thing. We have been fed a mindless and mind numbing amount of teamwork information that purports consensus is great teamwork. All of us rowing in the boat together, or flying like birds in unison makes for a great team.

Teamwork Over Individual Genius

Teamwork Over Individual Genius

Teamwork Over Individual Genius

Sign of the times: Shepherd of Windows™ operating system ousted over bad teamwork skills.

Steven Sinofsky is a sign of the times: Teamwork Over Individual Genius. Anyone who thinks communication and collaboration are “soft” skills might want to consider the recent ousting of an incredible outlier, a modern icon of business efficiency, and the Shepard of the Windows operating system including Windows 8.

Walking the talk leadership

Walking the Talk Leadership

Walking the Talk Leadership

The Two Edged Sword of Religion: Why Religion helps and hurts our behavior, and why clarifying individual values are critical to building loyalty in organizations.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be inspired by their religious beliefs to be better people, and other people with the same beliefs don’t seem to be good people at all? One key factor in explaining this phenomenon is timing – when do they apply their religious beliefs? Walking the talk leadership, whether in your business or as religious follower, begins with understanding what you stand for, who you are, and what you value. Walking the talk leadership means people hear and see the message you intend to send.

Teamwork Culture

Teamwork Culture Critical in Critical Times

Teamwork Culture

What Babies and College Football Tell Us about Human Nature

“Us and them” is perhaps the simplest explanation of human nature. As many of you may have seen recently on 60 minutes, our understanding of babies and what they are thinking has grown leaps and bounds thanks to fascinating research being conducted at the Yale University baby lab. Teamwork Culture is critical because it helps us to see the whole, not always our own self interest. Or more appropriately, seeing our self interest in the greater interest. When times are difficult or changing teamwork culture will help guide human behavior in the right direction.  

Why Democrats and Republicans cannot get along

Why Democrats and Republicans Cannot Get Along!

Why Democrats and Republicans Cannot Get Along

Why Democrats and Republicans cannot get along you ask?

We are as humans inherently righteous. That is the basic premise of Jonathan Haidt’s book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. Starting from this premise makes it much easier to understand how “Uncle Joe” or “Aunt Susie” can be such a nice person and easy to get along with, until it comes to politics and religion. Why Democrats and Republicans cannot get along is a mystery for anyone in the middle, and I think a passion for those on the extremes. 

Workplace Generations

Workplace Generations The Jeffersons Model

Workplace Generations A Model to Identify Employee’s Generation

Workplace Generations is a hot topic because millions of Millennials are pouring into the workplace with a new set of values that are often at odds with conventional thinking. Because of this we took to task figuring out what generation we all fall into. Below is an easy model to quickly determine what generation you likely fall into, and with one easy question you can determine where others fall.

The Jeffersons was a TV show that aired from January 18, 1975, through June 25, 1985. It fits well with generations because of its timing, its long and popular run, its connection to an older show, and its iconic nature in our TV history. It was one of a hand full of shows to choose from in early TV, and its ten year run speaks to its popularity.