View video explanations of how to use Paint with TeamWorx Events below.

Total Steps

1. Select the Image from the TeamWorx Webpage

2. Right Click and Save to Your Computer

3. Open Paint in Windows Accessories

4. Open the Image you Downloaded in Paint

Video 1
(15 seconds)

How to:

  • Select the Image on the TeamWorx Website
  • Right Click and Save to Your Computer
  • Choose a Location Easy to Find

5. Use the Select Tool and your Mouse to Select Puzzle Pieces and

6. Move the Puzzle Pieces to the Puzzle Board

7. Select “Rotate” from the top menu to rotate if needed

8. Try a Practice Puzzle with Paint

Video 2
(24 seconds)

How to:

  • Open the Paint App in “Windows Accessories”

Video 3
(11 Seconds)

How to:

  • Open the Image File in Paint

Video 4
(34 Seconds)

How to:

  • Use the Select Tool to
  • Select Puzzle Pieces and
  • Move Them to the Puzzle Board

Video 5
(21 Seconds)

How to:

  • Rotate Puzzle Pieces

Step by Step PDF

How to

  • Open Paint
  • Open the Downloaded File
  • Use the Select Tool